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4.15.2014: Queen Street Festival Review by T-MAK World

paint t-mak
Photo by Steve Mallinson / T-MAK World

"Paint's songs are highly-polished, smooth, and radio-friendly... Frontman Johannes is running for Mayor of Toronto and we wish him well." -- thanks to T-MAK World for the review of last month's Queen Street Festival performance at The Bovine.

More on the Press page, and read the full T-MAK review and view photos HERE.

4.12.2014: Fridays Live Interview and Acoustic Performance

paint ryersonian
Photo by Angela Glover / The Ryersonian

Thanks to the team at Fridays Live by the Ryersonian in Toronto for an insightful interview with Robb Johannes, including an acoustic performance of the Johannes and McGlynn-penned unreleased song "Bonfire of Vanities" to be included in the upcoming 11:11 film.

4.8.2014: One montn to another Canadian Music Week

paint cmw

Even though we've become somehwat staples to the festival circuits the past 5 years, it's always a time to reflect on how grateful we are that you all have helped us get this far.

We're proud to announce Paint will be returning to Canadian Music Week once again this year with a showcase on Thursday, May 8, 10:00pm at Rancho Relaxo, presented by Two Way Monologues.

Single-event admission is $10 at the door (or buy advanced tickets HERE), or free with a CMW wristband.

More details on the Tour page, and RSVP on Facebook.

4.7.2014: Robb Johannes sightings in new Balconies video

Thanks and congratulations to our friends The Balconies on their brand new music video for "Boys and Girls" -- in which you can catch a number of Robb Johannes sightings (and check out some screen captures on @paintband's Instagram).

robb in the balconies video

4.6.2014: "Did That Rathburn A Little?" (blog post)

erik rathburns bass

And I almost never say this about another band, so take this to heart: The Rathburns are a band that makes me just want to pack up my shit and go home.
-Robb Johannes

In praise of Toronto band The Rathburns, read a blog by Robb at Paint's Weblog.

4.5.2014: "Kurt Cobain Was My Elvis" (blog post)

kurt cobain

On this, the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, Robb reflects on Nirvana's lasting influence. Read at Paint's Weblog.

3.26.2014: I On Music Interview

Many thanks to host Care Finch our friends at I On Music in Kitchener for this in-depth video interview and feature on Paint's past, present, and future, music, and business -- including live concert footage, music video clips, and behind-the-scenes documenary snippets from Paint's extended catalogue.

The 25-minute television episode was filmed outside Little Bean in downtown Kitchener before Paint's Capsulated DVD release show in November.

3.11.2014: 11:11 Party Scene Shoot March 15

11:11 party

We're busy at work on the 11:11 film that was made possible thanks to your kind contributions to our IndieGogo campaign! We've been posting behind-the-scenes photos to the @paintband accounts on on Instagram and Twitter as we've been working with director R. Stephenson Price (who previously directed Paint's "Boomerang" music video).

We have a very special offer for anyone in the Toronto area.

On Saturday, March 15, we'll be filming the party scene for 11:11, and thought we may as well just host an actual party and do a bit of filming on the side. It's set in the summer (but is filmed entirely indoors in an apartment) so why not wish this prolonged winter away by pretending?

RSVP on Facebook for all the info.

3.2.2014: Music City North Festival March 20

lees palace

Music City North, aimed at building community and raising awareness of the music scene in Toronto, will present the Queen Street Festival March 20-23.

We are excited to announce that Paint will be part of this year's festival, appearing March 20 at The Bovine Sex Club, presented by Two Way Monologues.

Visit the Tour page for more details, and RSVP on Facebook HERE.

2.20.2014: Robb Johannes on The Smiths

the smiths

Today The Smiths' debut record turns 30. Same Page wrote a feature on the article and asked some Toronto artists to reflect on what The Smiths have come to mean to them over the years, including our very own Robb Johannes.

"Morrissey once said that most popular music at the time (and still now I would say) would insult the intelligence of its audience by catering to populism and watered down messages. The Smiths, on the other hand, gave their audience credit for being intelligent and discerning people. As a result, not only could The Smiths incorporate a greater intellect into their music, but their small and highly devoted fanbase felt like they were a part of a mutual exchange of ideas. The line between the audience and the performer disappeared, and given my own roots in punk, I highly admire that. It’s surely made its way into Paint's ethos as a "pop" band."
- Robb Johannes

Read the full article HERE.

Similar commentaries in this mini-documentary on Paint called "Where The Fans Are Alright" from November:

Happy 30th to The Smiths and happy (what would have been) 47th Kurt Cobain. Your lives were so short but you left us with so much.

2.19.2014: Congratulations Andre Dey!

andre dey

Much love to our old faihtful drummer Andre Dey, who became a father this week. Congrats, 'Dre!

Throwing back to Where We Were in April, catching some Andre's moments with Paint in the studio recording Where We Are Today:

1.27.2014: Congratulations Joe Mac!

joe mac

Last week, our dear friend Joe Mac was honoured by Ontario Roller Derby for being an all-star photographer. In addition to derby, the majority of Paint's live photos since 2011 have been taken by the one and only Joe Mac.

"I almost consider Joe Mac to be the 5th member of Paint. He's been with us through everything, and his action photography in roller derby is why he can capture this rock band so frighteningly on stage. Congrats friend, this is well-deserved." - Robb Johannes

1.24.2014: The PSA is out!

robb not ford

Never a band to shy away from its principles, Paint frontman Robb Johannes announced from the stage at Lee's Palace last night that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's politics and public image have alienated and saddened Torontonians so much that it is not simply enough to vote against him. Rather, every Torontonian should go the extra step and run against Ford to send a clear message that Toronto deserves better on election day, October 27.

Read Robb's platform at, and visit The City of Toronto Elections Website to find out how you can also get involved.

1.9.2014: Returning to stage in Toronto in Style at Lee's Palace Jan. 23

lees palace

Holidays are over, and Paint returns to stage in Toronto on January 23 at the one and only Lee's Palace.

A special note to this show, it is our singer Robb Johannes' birthday and he plans to make a "very special Public Service Announcement" on this night.

Visit the Tour page for more details, and RSVP on Facebook HERE.

12.29.2013: Velvet Rope Magazine Anniversary Show Jan. 11

We are proud to announce that Paint will be performing at Velvet Rope Magazine's 2-Year anniversary party on Saturday, January 11 at Little Bean in Kitchener.

Visit the Tour page for more details, and RSVP on Facebook HERE.

11.26.2013: "Boomerang" Music Video and Capsulated DVD Out Today!

At last, the day has arrived! "Boomerang," written and directed by R. Stephenson Price is OUT NOW on Paint's YouTube Channel.

"Boomerang" is included in the Capsulated: Music Videos DVD, graciously made available because of your contributions to our IndieGogo campaign. Capsulated is officially available today at the Paint Store.

There are three remaining release events this week in Kingston, Ottawa, and Montreal. Visit the Tour page for more details.

11.20.2013: "Where The Fans Are Alright" (mini documentary)

Only two days left in Paint's IndieGogo campaign! Beginning with a tribute to The Doors in Europe 1968, "Where The Fans Are Alright" looks at Paint's relationship with its audience through fan testimonials at shows.

11.18.2013: Official Documentary: The Making of "Boomerang"

Joining Where We Were In April in the Paint documentary catalogue, The Making Of "Boomerang" features interviews with the band, cast, and crew, and captures events from the shooting of Paint's tenth and final installment of the ambitious Video Album Project that will be featured on the Capsulated: Music Videos DVD (to be released November 26).

Paint: The Making of "Boomerang" was photographed by Clarence King and edited by R. Stephenson Price.

Check the Tour page for all the dates on Capsulated release events in the next two weeks, beginning this Thursday in Kitchener.

Help us recoup costs from the "Boomerang" video shoot through our IndieGogo campaign!

11.13.2013: "Boomerang" behind-the-scenes photos

boomerang bts

Official behind-the-scenes photgraphy from the "Boomerang" music video shoot by Alexa Pavliuc are up on Paint's Official Flickr Photostream.

"Boomerang" was directed by R. Stephenson Price and will be included in the Capsulated DVD compilation set for release on November 26.

Check the Tour page for all the dates on Capsulated release events in the next two weeks, beginning next Thursday in Kitchener.

11.4.2013: "Shattered Hearts" (live) video

Available in its entirety for the first time ever, "Shattered Hearts" is an unreleased and as-of-yet unrecorded song from Paint, performed live in October 2013 at our residency at C'est What?, filmed by R. Stephenson Price.

The clock is running on our IndieGogo campaign aimed at helping us get into the studio to record our next E.P., which will invlude this song and a short film to accompany the tunes. Thanks so much for your time, consideration, and support!

11.1.2013: Capsulated DVD trailer

A project four years in the making, Capsulated is a DVD compilation of all 14 music videos from Paint's catalogue plus bonus features. It will be available November 26 and is now available for pre-order at the Paint Store.

We will be doing a six-date release tour at the end of this month:

11.21: Kitchener @ Little Bean
11.22: Toronto @ Measure
11.23: Guelph @ ANAF
11.28: Kingston @ Clark Hall Pub
11.29: Ottawa @ Zaphod Beeblebrox
11.30: Montreal @ O Patro Vys

See the Tour page for more details.

Capsulated also falls under the IndieGogo campaign that is on for another three weeks!

10.28.2013: "Boomerang" music video (trailer)

The tenth and final piece of the Video Album Project, written and directed by R. Stephenson Price, will be released on November 26, 2012.

"Boomerang" will be included in the Capsulated DVD compilation that is now available for pre-order at the Paint Store. Release date for the DVD is also November 26, though there will be a release party November 22 at Measure in Toronto. See the Tour page for more details.

More music videos are up on Paint's Official YouTube Channel.

10.17.2013: Once film soundtrack performance Oct. 23


Amidst our Tuesday residency at C'est What? this October, Paint will making a very special appearance next Wednesday, October 23 at the Rivoli in Toronto, performing songs by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová from the film Academy Award and Grammy Award-winning film Once with piano and string accompaniment.

Read THIS BLOG by Robb on how the project came about.

Check the Tour page for more details.

RSVP on Facebook.

9.23.2013: IndieGogo Campaign Starts Now!

Starting today, Paint has begun an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds for the following endeavours:

* The production and recording of Paint's next EP (!);

* The production of a black-and-white narrative film to accompany the EP;

* Completion of the Capsulated DVD compilation of all 10 music videos from Where We Are Today plus bonus videos from Can You Hear Me? and special features; and

* Completion of the "Boomerang" music video, which is currently in post-production;

As a notoriously hard-working band, we've never been shy in pointing out that when it truly comes down to it, the line between audience and performer has never been more blurry than it is now. We are eternally grateful for your ongoing role in shaping the narrative of Paint, and are reaching out in this time of need to help us complete a number of exciting projects that we are currently undertaking.

Specific details on the campaign, as well as donation options, can be explored on Paint's IndieGogo Page.

Many thanks, and looking forward to the next couple months!

9.10.2013: Music Video 9/10 on 9/10 - "If The Walls Could Talk"

Part 9/10 of the Video Album Project released on 9/10. "If The Walls Could Talk" is a protest video of sorts, examining public-private behaviour, particularly with respect to socio-political decision-making.

"If The Walls Could Talk" will be included in the Capsulated DVD compilation that is now available for pre-order at the Paint Store. Release date for the DVD is November 26.

More music videos are up on Paint's Official YouTube Channel.

9.3.2013: Fall Tour Dates, Capsulated DVD Release, and more...

capsulated falltour cestwhat

Happy September! First things first, check out the Tour page for our complete fall schedule, including the following stops:

9.11: Toronto @ The Horseshoe Tavern
9.26: Waterloo @ Maxwell's Music House
9.27: Barrie @ The Clarkson Pub
9.30: Toronto @ Cherry Cola's
10.1: Toronto @ C'est What?
10.8: Toronto @ C'est What?
10.15: Toronto @ C'est What?
10.22: Toronto @ C'est What?
10.23: Toronto @ The Rivoli**
10.29: Toronto @ C'est What?
11.21: Kitchener @ Little Bean
11.22: Toronto @ Measure***
11.23: Guelph @ ANAF
11.28: Kingston @ Clark Hall Pub
11.29: Ottawa @ Zaphod Beeblebrox
11.30: Montreal @ O Patro Vys

* taping of The BobCast with Robert Segarini
** performing songs from the film Once
*** Capsulated DVD release party

We're excited to be back at C'est What? in Toronto's St. Lawrence Market every Tuesday in October. This will be Paint's third annual month-long stay at C'est What?, also memorable for this court case we fought (and won) against Rob Ford and City of Toronto for anti-postering.

And, as we shot the "Boomerang" music video last weekend (see some behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram with more to come), we are proud to announce that the Video Album Project is complete! "If The Walls Could Talk" will be released on Tuesday, Sept. 10 on Paint's YouTube Channel, followed by the compilation and release of "Boomerang," the remaining 9 videos from Where We Are Today, and bonus vides from Can You Hear Me? and behind-the-scenes featurettes onto the Capsulated DVD -- which will be released November 26, preceded by a release party in Toronto on November 22 at Measure. In the meantime, you can pre-order Capsulated at the Paint Store. Check out full details on Capsulated HERE.

Happy days ahead!

8.30.2013: Unsigned Radio Podcast up now

Thanks to Big Things Productions and Unsigned Radio on CIUT 89.5FM in Toronto for the podcast feature on Paint from August 17, you can download the podcast HERE and forward to the 50-minute mark -- but do listen to the rest if you have time, there's some great other acts on the itinerary as well!

Have a wonderful Labour Day, everybody, and we have some very exciting announcements coming your way after the long weekend!

8.23.2013: "Boomerang" video shoot live Tweets Aug. 25

Paint will be shooting "Boomerang," the tenth and final installment of the Video Album Project this Sunday with director R. Stephenson Price of The Indie Machine. Follow @paintband on Twitter and Instagram for live commentary and behind-the-scenes photos.

8.14.2013: "Home/Stand By Me" live at Rancho Relaxo (video)

Memories from TWMFEST at Rancho Relaxo, 6.29.2013.

More videos are up on Paint's Official YouTube Channel.

8.6.2013: Music video double-shot: "Let Go" and "Vampires"

"Let Go," part seven of Paint's Video Album Project, is assembled from the Sid Davis 1951 trilogy of fear-based propaganda films aimed at youth (Name Unknown, Boys Beware, and Girls Beware), which took a controversial, conservative, anti-homosexual and anti-feminist standpoint on emerging civil liberties in America.

An experiment in minimalism and a nod to Andy Warhol's films, "Vampires" becomes part eight of the Video Album Project.

"Let Go," "Vampires" and other Paint songs are available on iTunes, CDBaby, and the Paint Store.

More videos are up on Paint's Official YouTube Channel.

7.29.2013: New Blog Post: "Behind Every Band..."


In gratitude of Matt Hughes, who has lifted Paint up through some pretty difficult times into a much more rosey and fruitful place. Read at Paint's Weblog.

7.25.2013: A little cameo

Catch a Robb Johannes cameo in The Indie Machine's production of the latest Goodnight, Sunrise video for their song "The Honeymoon Is Over."

You didn't hear it from us, but The Indie Machine is in the works of developing a music video for Paint's song "Boomerang" in August. Just saying...

7.5.2013: New Blog Post: "On Freddie Mercury and the Empowerment of Indians..."


An introspective journal on Robb's (and Freddie Mercury's?) ethnic heritage in the bigger picture of race and rock 'n' roll. Read it on Paint's Weblog.

7.1.2013: "There is a rock god out there": NxNE 2013 recap

Photo credit: Joe Mac

"The band that wants to change the world... There is a rock god out there," says Joe Mac in response to Paint's NxNE 2013 set at Magpie. Read the full article HERE.

Also, check out new interview and spotlight on Paint with Hye's Musings, reflecting on Paint's live experience, plans for a new EP, and other insights.

More articles, interviews, and reviews are on the Press page.

6.28.2013: !earshot20 broadcast June 28

!earshot20 is a nationally-syndicated broadcast that features the Top 20 charting albums in Canada from !earshot's campus radio charts. On Friday, June 28, they will broadcast a feature interview with Paint's Robb Johannes. Visit Local 107.3FM for schedules and online streaming options.

6.19.2013: TWMFEST Show June 29

Paint is honoured and humbled to be performing as part of TWMFEST on Saturday, June 29 at 11pm.

Over the past seven years, Two Way Monologues has put on over 2000 shows at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto, including AWOLNATION, Dinosaur Bones, The Darcys, Whale Tooth, and Paint's first ever show as a band in Toronto in July 2009 (and many appearances since, such as the critically-acclaimed NxNE 2012 showcase and special events like the Pearl Jam vs. Nirvana and David Bowie vs. Iggy and The Stooges tribute shows).

In addition to being a concert venue, Rancho Relaxo has also become a community hub of sorts, where on any given night members of Toronto's music community can be found checking out each others' shows, visiting friends, and building what have become lifelong friendships, band partnerships and collbaorations, and tightly-knit community connections. For many musicians in Toronto, Rancho Relaxo has been their version of Cheers -- Paint included.

In marking the end of Two Way Monologues' reign booking the Ranch, June 27-29 will be host to TWMFEST, a 3-night celebration of the music community in Toronto and an honour of Dan Wolovick's work as one of the cities most loyal and dedicated promoters before moving on to his new home at The Handlebar in Kensington Market.

Tickets for TWMFEST are $10 for a single-night admission, or $20 for a 3-night pass.

More details on the Tour page, and RSVP on Facebook.

5.27.2013: "Get up and dance, or go out and change the world..."

Photo credit: Joe Mac

A new three-page article in Vol. 20 of Guitar Justice Magazine with some words from Robb about band names; money, fame, and music schooling (or lack thereof); and a new genre called "Classic Rock of The Future."

More articles, interviews, and reviews are on the Press page.

5.23.2013: Next stop, NxNE (all because of you)...


We are proud to announce that, by popular demand, without a new record to promote, Paint will be appearing at North by Northeast for the 4th year in a row, June 16, 10pm at Magpie. This year we owe it solely, entirely to you the fans. Thanks for your continuing support!

Details on the Tour page.

5.19.2013: A Couple of Blog Posts

Putting aside the plight of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as his current debacle is still in-progress, there are two new blos posts by Robb Johannes on Paint's Weblog: 1. On labour, unions, and media; and 2. On Malcolm X Day (May 19).

Enjoy! And see you at the Bovine on Wednesday, Toronto!

4.23.2013: A few things...

We're proud to be playing our first show at home in Toronto since early March in support of Camp Oochiegas, which offers year-round programs for children living with cancer. It all takes place on May 8 at The Drake in Toronto.

More details on the Tour page. RSVP on Facebook.

A couple recent blog posts worth mentioning: 1) thanks for all the support and traffic in response to this blog on Logan Smith's battle against the racist response to the Boston Marathon tragedy on the internet; and 2) another blog on rock 'n' roll's survival mission in 2013.

And those of you who are on Vine and into the 6-second video clips: our drummer Devin's got a hilarious account going: "Devin Ray."

4.9.2013: "Home" music video, the one you cooked for us.

Part six of the Video Album Project is a textual compilation of fan responses to the question "What does the word 'home' mean to you?" on sheets at the Paint merch table.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this experiment. Your words made us laugh, gasp, cry, and smile.

"Home" and other Paint songs are available on iTunes, CDBaby, and the Paint Store.

4.3.2013: "Home" music video coming April 9

The sixth installment in the Video Album Project is for the live show staple, "Home." The video is a complilation of fan replies to the question: "What does the word 'home' mean to you?" filled out Paint's merch table over the course of many, many shows across Canada. Needless to say, it's our poem to you. Using your words. Thank you, this one would notbe possible with you all!

Look for it on Paint's Official YouTube Channel next Tuesday, April 9th.

3.26.2013: A little Pantifesto on the side...


A creative blast inspired by Paint's resurgence has produced a Robb Johannes punk side project called Pantifesto. Their new album, and Other Essays, is available as a free download on Bandcamp.

Read a blog by Robb about the band's emergence HERE.

3.18.2013: New Blog Post, "Fun With Numbers"

Robb's comments on the two-year project of assembling Paint's setlist and gig history, accompanied by photos and videos, for the Press page is up on Paint's Weblog.

3.15.2013: Horsehoe Review

Photo credit: Catherine Lacbay

Thanks to Buying Shots for Bands for their continuing support and generosity, this time noting from Paint's March 2 show at the Horseshoe Tavern, "(Robb Johannes) has undergone his fair share of trials and tribulations and the sense of jubilant strength comes through in their music." Truer words have hardly been said!

This and more reviews are on Press page.

3.6.2013: Modraphelia Fashion Show This Saturday


We are very excited to be partnering with our friends at Modraphelia to perform during their fashion runway show this Saturday, March 9, at the 22nd Annual British Isles Show at the International Centre in Mississauga. Showtime is 2pm.

Details and ticketing information are on Tour page.

2.28.2013: Album Giveaway for Horseshoe Show This Saturday

wwat cyhm

We're feeling generous in light of opening up for our dear friends The Cheap Speakers' album release show this Saturday at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

The first 50 people through the door* will get a free copy of their choice of 2011's Where We Are Today or 2009's Can You Hear Me? -- so get there early! (Paint is up at 10 sharp)

Details on the show are on Tour page.

RSVP on Facebook.

* While supplies last. There's 25 copies of each album up for grabs.

2.12.2013: New Blog: "Show Me a Nicer Band..."


A new blog post by Robb reflecting on Paint's long-standing allegiance with The Cheap Speakers, in anticipation of March 2's show opening for The Cheap Speakers' Switches & Levers album release show at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. Read HERE.

Details on the show are on Tour page.

RSVP on Facebook.

1.18.2013: Rivoli Feb. 1 promo video

Our very own Robb Johannes got together with Brent Miller from Jetcoaster to give you 7 reasons why you should attend the show Friday, February 1st at Toronto's legendary Queen West venue, The Rivoli.

Everything you need to know is on the Tour page.

RSVP on Facebook.

12.30.2012: We can be Bowie, just one last time.


By popular request, we will be donning the Thin White Duke outfits for the third (and final) time in honour of David Bowie's 66th birthday: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at Cherry Cola's in Toronto.

More details on the Tour page.

RSVP on Facebook.

12.18.2012: New Blog Post: "Bowling for Twitter"

Commentary on the social media response from outside Newtown, Connecticut. Read on the Blog.

12.17.2012: Live @ C'est What? 11.27.2012 audio stream on SoundCloud

Check out SoundCloud for a limited time to stream the entire November 27 closing night of Paint's residency at C'est What? (or use the Widget below)

Photos from the night are up on Paint's Official Flickr Photostream.

Thanks for all of your support this year!

11.19.2012: C'est What? week 2 review and photos


A review from T-MAK World of Paint's second residency show at C'est What? says: "Paint is a compelling original band... Singer Robb Johannes at times evokes (R.E.M.'s) Michael Stipe... He has an easy charisma and confident swagger... The band played some new songs on Tuesday that will win over the band's ever growing fan base."

And more photos from the talented Joe Mac are up on Paint's Official Flickr Photostream.

RSVP on Facebook or visit the Tour page for details on the remaining two shows.

Other reviews of albums and shows past can be read on the Press page.

11.12.2012: New blog post: "A picture is worth another four years..."


Last Tuesday, at the opening night of Paint's November residency at C'est What? in Toronto, Barack Obama was confirmed President of the United States in the middle of Paint's set. Read this blog by Robb, commenting on this photo Joe Mac, taken at the exact moment when victory was communicated to the band from the audience.

And Happy Birthday Neil Young. We wouldn't exist without you.

11.9.2012: Residency show #1 article and photos


Chronicle from Joe Mac on the first residency show says: "Paint is still the star of the night. And they may not realize the constant travel on the road has led to an easy confidence and given them a bit of that hippy hippy shake on stage. And we did mention moves like Jagger [but not in shades of maroon]." (read more HERE).

First batch of photos are up on Paint's Official Flickr Photostream.

RSVP on Facebook or visit the Tour page for details on the remaining three shows.

11.7.2012: Preview of November Residency in Syncopated Sound

In a feature on Paint's C'est What? residency in Toronto this month, Syncopated Sound says: "Paint have established themselves as one of the city’s great classic rock inspired bands."

Details for the three remaining Tuesday residency shows are listed on the Tour page.

It's safe to say you can probably expect photos to be posted each week on Paint's Official Flickr Photostream as well.

11.5.2012: "Crisp, confident, and inspirational": new album review

A year onwards and reviews are still rolling in for Where We Are Today. The latest, from Stylus Magazine in Winnipeg, says: "Paint is a band full of fight and passion... crisp and confident... (Johannes') inspirational lyrics reflect with a nice leftist political flare... (and) are where Paint's second LP could set them apart from other bands."

This and other reviews are on the Press page.

10.1.2012: C'est What? residency in November


Last February, Paint stage tested in-progress material for what eventually became the album Where We Are Today, over a weekly Tuesday residency at C'est What? in Toronto. The month-long residency also resulted in a court case against Rob Ford and the City of Toronto for anti-postering charges, which the band and C'est What?'s management successfully overturned (details/refresher HERE).

We are proud to announce that every Tuesday in November 2012, Paint will be back at C'est What? to share new and old songs, joined by a stellar cast of musical and comedy guests.

Details on the Tour page.

RSVP on Facebook.

9.27.2012: Horseshoe Reviews and Photos


Thanks to Hanging at the Back for referring to Paint as "One of the best bands in Toronto" in a recent preview of this week's show at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern for 102.1 The Edge Nu Music Nite, as well as Joe Mac for calling Paint "Rockstars and entertainers with a sincere change-the-world-with-heart attitude."

And some excellent photos by Joe Mac and Mikey Riot can be viewed on Paint's Official Flickr Photostream.

9.11.2012: Return to the Horseshoe Tavern Sept. 25


A while back, thanks to all of your votes, Paint won the 102.1 The Edge Indie Onilne, and were featured on The Edge's Indie Hour with Dave Bookman, accompanied by a live show at Edge Studios. We are excited to announce Paint will be back for a free show at the Horseshoe Tavern on Tuesday, September 25 for The Edge Nu Music Nite, for the first time since the Indie Online victory. It is a very special occasion indeed and we look forward to seeing your faces out for the celebration.

Details on the Tour page.

RSVP on Facebook

9.11.2012: "Gastown" Music Video

Halfway through the Video Album Project! Number five is up now, an experiment in minimalism.

You can buy "Gastown" and other Paint songs on iTunes, CDBaby, and the Paint Store.

9.7.2012: "Gastown" video to launch Sept. 11

Installment number five in Paint's Video Album Project, "Gastown," a minimalist ode to Andy Warhol and Neil Young, will be released on Tuesday, September 11 on Paint's Official YouTube Channel. Check back next week!

8.23.2012: Back to Bowie Sept. 7


Excited to announce that by popular request, the David Bowie set that Paint performed back in January on the Duke's birthday is making a second appearance on stage Friday, September 7 at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto.

RSVP on Facebook and follow @paintband on Twitter for hints of what the setlist is going to be.