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1.25.2016: Happy Birthday, Robb Johannes!

Robb Johannes Birthday

This Thursday (January 28), we'll be playing at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto -- in part to celebrate our singer's birthday (which is today!).

We've assembled a photo album of some of his more memorable on-stage moments on Paint's Official Flickr Photostream.

Details on the show are on the Tour page. RSVP on Facebook HERE.

1.22.2016: "Shattered Hearts" Music Video

After an almost four-year production on the ambitious 11:11, it seemed like the natural course to take a more grassroots approach on the music video for "Shattered Hearts," the first single from Based on Truth and Lies.

Conceived and directed by Paint, photographed by Joe Mac (with behind-the-scenes photos HERE), and edited by Clarence King.

Dedicated to David Bowie and R. Stephenson Price.

1.19.2016: Story of the Moral of the Story: The Making of 11:11 Documentary

At long last, we are proud to launch part 1 of the 11-part series, Story of the Moral of the Story: The Making of 11:11.

The series documents all aspects of the production of the collaboration between Paint and director R. Stephenson Price on the ambitious feature musical, 11:11, as well as the band's foray into the studio to record the Based on Truth and Lies EP/soundtrack with producer Ian Smith.

Beginning today (January 19), episodes will launch every Tuesday at 11am EST on Paint's Official YouTube Channel.

Visit the Store for details on buying and renting 11:11 and Based on Truth and Lies.

1.12.2016: "Shattered Hearts" music video behind-the-scenes photos

Shattered Hearts Video Shoot

On January 10, before we went home to recieve the news that the legendary David Bowie had passed away, we teamed up with our long-time live photographer Joe Mac to shoot a music video for "Shatterted Hearts," first single off the Based on Truth and Lies EP/soundtrack (from the film 11:11).

The video will be released January 22. In the meantime, check out some on-set photos from Paint's rehearsal space on Paint's Official Flickr Photostream.

On the note of David Bowie, on not one, not two, but three occasions, we paid tribute to The Thin White Duke in concert. He will forever be one of our biggest inspirations. Paint's Robb Johannes had this to say:

"Thank for you giving so many of us (myself included) the strength and permission to not only be ourselves, but anyone we wanted to be."

11.7.2015: 11:11 on 11.11: FREE RENTAL for one day only!

11:11 Free Rental

How could we not do something special for our film 11:11 on 11.11?

On Wednesday, November 11, you can get a FREE 3-day digital rental of 11:11.

Click HERE to unlock your copy on November 11!

The behind-the-scenes documentary series will launch on January 19 -- check back for details!

10.27.2015: Paint - Top Act to See at TWiMFeST 2015

Examiner TWiMFeST Preview

Thanks to The Examiner for naming Paint the top act to see at the second annual TWiMFeST in Toronto next week!

We take the stage Friday, November 6, 10pm, at Tennessee (1554 Queen St. W.), with our dear friends from Ottawa, Arms of the Girl.

Details are on the Tour page.

Advanced tickets available HERE.

RSVP on Facebook HERE.

This is Paint's last show of 2015, we hope you can join us to celebrate.

10.19.2015: Interview on CKDJ FM Tonight

CKDJ Ottawa Interview

Catch a live interview with Paint's Robb Johannes and dear friends in Ottawa's Arms of the Girl on 107.9 CKDJ's "The Scene" tonight at 7pm EST, in advance of this Saturday's show at Live on Elgin in Ottawa.

Stream worldwide at!

And remember to vote, Canada!

10.11.2015: Robb Johannes solo at Rancho Relaxo (video)

The closing night of Toronto's Rancho Relaxo was documented via photo and video -- check out film of Robb Johannes of Paint's entire solo set HERE.

9.10.2015: Lithium Magazine Feature

Lithium Magazine Feature

"(W)e unintentionally wrapped days at exactly 11:11. We ended up with 11 shoot days in total without planning it... the movie really just started making itself." - Robb Johannes

Thanks to Vanessa Markov at Lithium Magazine for the feature on 11:11 including interviews with director R. Stephenson Price and Paint's Robb Johannes.

11:11 makes its theatrical debut during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on Friday, September 11 (yes, tomorrow!).

Details are on the Tour page, and RSVP on Facebook HERE.

9.9.2015: TIFF Gala Setpember 15


"So now we're in the film business," jokes Paint guitarist Jordan Shepherdson in the forthcoming documentary series on the making of 11:11, on the dawn of the film's Friday theatrical premiere in Toronto. We may as well prove that statement to be true.

Paint wil be performing at Filmerge's TIFF Gala on September 15 at Toronto's Studio Event Theatre (SET).

Details are on the Tour page, and RSVP on Facebook HERE.

9.5.2015: 11:11 Geeks & Beats 11:11 Preview

Geeks & Beats Article

Thanks Geeks & Beats for the writeup and preview of Paint's September 9 show at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto plus the 11:11 screening on September 11 at The Royal Cinema.

Tickets and info for both events are on the Tour page.

8.23.2015: Goodbye to Rancho Relaxo (blog post)

Rancho Relaxo Goodbye

Toronto's Rancho Relaxo is not only where Paint got its start, but where countless friendships, musical alliances, and partnerships took shape. On August 29, one of the music community's central hubs closes its doors for good.

Read this blog by Robb on some of the most memorable performances from the Rancho stage.

On August 29, Robb will be playing an intimate solo set to open the final show at Rancho Relaxo. More details and RSVP HERE.

8.11.2015: 11:11 Theatrical Screening (Toronto) September 11

11:11 Theatrical Screening

We are excited to announce that 11:11 will be making its theatrical premiere at the famous Royal Cinema in Toronto on Friday, September 11, during the 40th Annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with cast and crew.

Tickets and info are on the Tour page, and RSVP on Facebook HERE. TIFF passes will be honoured at the door for free admission.

Keep an eye out for ticket giveaways, contests, and the launch of the making of 11:11 documentary series on Paint's Official YouTube Channel in the coming weeks.

Paint will also be taking the stage at the world famous Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on September 9 to whet your appetities. A limited amount of free passes to the 11:11 screening will be available at the show. Details on this show are also on the Tour page, and RSVP on Facebook HERE.

7.22.2015: 11:11 official site and VHX store

11:11 Official Site

The official 11:11 film website is up now via Stratasfear Productions.

There, you can rent or buy an instant digital copy of 11:11 with the option of adding commentary, bonus features, and Based on Truth and Lies (EP/soundtrack), and 76-page digital booklet on an exciting platform called VHX.

7.20.2015: Where We Are Today on Bandcamp

Where We Are Today on Bandcamp

Fans of the Bandcamp platform can now purchase the "undeniable brilliance" (The Argosy) of Paint's 2011 sophomore album, Where We Are Today.

Digital albums include digital PDF artwork, the 30-minute Where We Were in April making of the album documentary, and the option of adding Capsulated: Music Videos on DVD, which features music videos for all 10 songs on Where We Are Today plus bonus features.

Visit Paint's Bandcamp page for all the options!

7.2.2015: 11:11 behind-the-scenes photos, every Thursday at 11am

11:11 Behind-the-scenes Photos

Beginning today, and every continuing every Thursday at 11am Eastern Time, 11 new behind-the-scenes photos from the making of 11:11 will go up on Paint's Official Flickr Photostream.

Starting Tuesday, July 7, and continuing every Tuesday at 11am Eastern Time, episodes of a documentary on the making of 11:11 will be launched on Paint's Official YouTube Channel.

11:11 and the Based on Truth and Lies EP/soundtrack are available now!

7.1.2015: Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tribute July 4

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tribute
Photo by Joe Mac / Midnight Matinee

Last year, on July 4, the Toronto music community hosted "Canada Day on Independence Day" at Rancho Relaxo, where various members of the music community joined forces to pay tribute to Canadian artists. Paint's Robb Johannes took part in a Toronto indie super group called "Prisoners of Rock 'n' Roll" to pay homage to Neil Young & Crazy Horse with members of The Rathburns, The Stormalongs, A Nothern Drawl, and Another City.

The event was a raucous affair and we're excited to announce that this year, the Canada Day on Independence Day show returns to the Ranch, and the Prisoners will take the stage again, featuring members of Paint, The Stormalongs, and Rulers of the Moon.

A recent appearance by Robb and 11:11 director R. Stephenson Price on Time Bandits affirms the ongoing love and respect for Neil & The Horse in reviewing their quintessential classic album, Ragged Glory, in addition to his old episode of "By The Numbers" discussing last year's tribute.

Visit the Tour page for more info and RSVP on Facebook.

6.17.2015: "Moral of the Story" acoustic at Mediazoic

Another in-one-take acoustic performance by Robb and Jordan, filmed by our man R. Stephenson Price, from Mediazoic's Hogtown Hang series. This one is "Moral of the Story," a song from the Based on Truth and Lies EP/soundtrack from the film 11:11 on DVD -- both of which are available now!

6.16.2015: "It's Over (and Over)" acoustic at Mediazoic

Thanks Mediazoic and our dear friend director R. Stephenson Price for capturing Robb and Jordan in this single-take acoustic performance of "It's Over (and Over)," a song only ever heard live (and in a very electro format), as part of their Hogtown Hang series.

6.2.2015: 11:11 and Based on Truth and Lies Available TODAY!

11:11 and Based on Truth and Lies Release Day

Two years in the making, we are proud to announce that TODAY, 11:11, the black-and-white narrative film (directed by R. Stephenson Price) and the accompanying soundtrack/EP Based on Truth and Lies (produced by Ian Smith), are officially released!

Based on Truth and Lies digital EPs ordered through Bandcamp will include a 76-page expanded digital booklet from 11:11, with additional options to order 11:11 on DVD and digital copy.

11:11 DVDs ordered from The Official Paint Store include Based on Truth and Lies and digital booklet download codes.

Other outlets will be selling Based on Truth and Lies in the coming weeks. Updates will be announced right here.

All pre-orders from IndieGogo and Paint's web store are in shipment processing!

Behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, and photos will be released every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer beginning June 9 on Paint's Official YouTube Channel and Paint's Official Flickr Photostream.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the exclusive Toronto release party for 11:11 and Based on Truth and Lies on May 29. Photos are up HERE.

Theatrical screenings of 11:11 will be announced soon!

Watch the 11:11 Trailer HERE.

We are eternally grateful to you the fans for making this film possible through IndieGogo and the Government of Canada through the FACTOR program.

5.29.2015: Feature on Time Bandits Podcast

Robb and 11:11 director R. Stephenson Price appear on the award-winning Time Bandits podcast, humoursly talking about 11:11, as well as reviewing Neil Young & Crazy Horse's quintessential classic album, Ragged Glory, and giving a critical review to the film Flatliners.

Listen HERE.

5.27.2015: 11:11 and Based on Truth and Lies Bandcamp pre-orders

Based on Truth and Lies

In advance of Friday's release show in Toronto and the official June 2 release date, 11:11 DVDs and digital copies and Based on Truth and Lies digital soundtrack EPs are available for pre-order now at Paint's Bandcamp page -- in addition to right here at The Official Paint Store.

4.30.2015: 11:11 and Based on Truth and Lies release date!

11:11 Release

It's been a long two years but we are excited to finally announce that 11:11, the black-and-white narrative film we have been working on with director R. Stephenson Price (Stratasfear Productions / The Indie Machine) and the accompanying soundtrack/EP Based on Truth and Lies, will be released on DVD and digital audio on Tuesday, June 2.

We will be celebrating the release in Toronto on Friday, May 29 at the historic Great Hall. Info and ticket links are on the Tour page, and RSVP on Facebook HERE.

11:11 DVDs will include the Based on Truth and Lies download codes. Pre-orders are available now at The Official Paint Store.

Watch the 11:11 Trailer HERE.

Release previews and more info will be going up regularly in the coming weeks.

We bring this news with many, many thanks to you the fans for making this film possible through IndieGogo and the Government of Canada through the FACTOR program. We are excited to share with you our most ambitious and exciting project to date!

4.15.2015: Canadian Music Week Showcase May 8

(dis)PLAY #FACTORfunded

Paint will be showcasing at Canadian Music Week for the 5th time on Friday, May 8, 9:00pm at Handlebar in Toronto with their so-called "sister band," Canvas.

Advanced tickets can be purchased at

See the Tour page for details and RSVP on Facebook.

3.17.2015: FACTOR funded once again!

(dis)PLAY #FACTORfunded
Photo by Joe Mac / Midnight Matinee

We are proud to announce that our upcoming concert DVD, (disPLAY), will be funded by FACTOR through the government of Canada!

Set for fall release, (disPLAY) joins the forthcoming 11:11 film and Based on Truth and Lies EP/Soundtrack (available now for pre-order at The Official Paint Store) as one of TWO scheduled releases by Paint this year to have the #FACTORfunded distinction. Not many bands can say that.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

3.13.2015: An Evening With Paint, April 2

An Evening With Paint

Making up for some lost time in Toronto, we have a special treat for hometown fans: on April 2, we will be playing an intimate show at the newly-revamped Tennesee, featuring three sets of acoustic and electric material spanning Paint's entire catalogue.

Did we mention the show is also free to attend?

See the Tour page for details and RSVP on Facebook.

3.3.2015: Spur-Of-The-Moment Shakespeare Benefit Tonight!

Spur Benefit

The Spur-Of-The-Moment Shakespeare Collective was founded in March 2010 with the Shakespeare-On-The-Subway Project. Originally created to break down economic barriers and provide opportunities for emerging theatre artists to hone their craft, the SOTMSC has become an ever-growing network of emerging artists from multiple disciplines sharing their love for the bard everywhere but on a stage.

TONIGHT, Paint returns to the stage for the first time in 2015 for a performance at the Spur-Of-The-Moment Shakespeare Collective's 5th birthday party, and the history between Paint and Spur is long and close. Not only are we both about the same age (our debut album came out 5 years ago last year), Spur co-founder and director Victoria Urquhart has played leading roles in Paint's "Boomerang" music video and upcoming 11:11 film.

All the more, Paint drummer Devin Jannetta recently appeared in this Spur video as his recurring Detective Slick Shepard character:

...and the ongoing comedy featuring Victoria Urquhart as an obsessive Robb Johannes fan:

It all happens at Rancho Relaxo, 300 College Street, Toronto. See the Tour page for details and RSVP on Facebook.

1.21.2015: Keiko Goes to NAMM

NAMM 2015

Many music folks may be aware of something called the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). Well, our very own bassist extraordinaire Keiko Gutierrez will be down at NAMM this year representing.

Follow @paintband on Instagram for her photos and updates!

1.12.2015: Future Is The Future: Gender-neutral clothing


Toronto's Natalia Manzocco has launched a gender-neutral clothing store called Future Is The Future, which has gotten some recent accolades in places such as NOW Magazine and The Toronto Star. And yes, that's our very own Robb Johannes showing off some digs.

Visit Future is the Future now!

11.11.2014: 11:11 Trailer, Website, DVD and soundtrack pre-orders

We couldn't let November 11 happen without making a major announcement about 11:11, the film that we've been hammering away at for over a year with director R. Stephenson Price (with whom we previously worked on "Boomerang," "Where The Fans Are Alright," and other videos and documentaries), as well as recording the soundtrack with producer Ian Smith once again.

At last, we present the first glimpse into 11:11 with the above-posted trailer.

And we're excited to announce that the 4-song EP soundtrack for 11:11 will be titled Based on Truth and Lies. View tracklisting HERE.

Pre-order 11:11 on DVD at The Official Paint Store.

Orders will ship in early 2015 and include a digital download of Based on Truth and Lies with expanded artwork and liner notes.

Visit the 11:11 website for synposis, cast and character listings, and news. The site will be regularly updated with behind-the-scenes photos, performance clips, and special features in the coming months.

This whole project would not be possible if not for your contributions to last year's IndieGogo campaign as well as the government of Canada through the FACTOR program. We're eternally grateful and looking forward to delivering a completed 11:11 film and Based on Truth and Lies EP to you in 2015!

* Please note that if you contibuted to our IndieGogo campaign, you don't need to place an order for 11:11 -- you've already bought it. IndieGogo orders will get priority delivery when the project is complete.

10.29.2014: Thank You, Toronto! (from Robb -- Not Ford)


"Being mayor would be like a vacation from fronting Paint" - Robb Johannes

Monday's Civic Election in Toronto witnessed a record 64.2% voter turnout, a Ford-free mayoral seat, and a 12th place finish of 65 mayoral candidates for Robb Johannes -- unprecedented for a grassroots campaign.

Read Robb's closing thoughts on running for Mayor of Toronto HERE.

Looking forward to being just a rock 'n' roll band again -- but then again, when has a social conscience ever not been present with Paint?

10.7.2014: TWiMFeST Showcase October 23


Two of Toronto's most innovative and dedicated independent promoters, Two Way Monologues and The Indie Machine, have joined forces in launching the first (hopefully) annual TWiMFeST in St. John's October 17-18 and Toronto October 23-26.

We are proud to announce that Paint is one of TWiMFeST's featured acts with a showcase October 23 at The Gladstone Hotel (Melody Bar) in Toronto.

Show details and ticketing information are on the Tour page, and RSVP on Facebook HERE!

10.6.2014: "A visual and aural assault of the senses"

Paint - Photo by Angel H Marchini - Back 2 Basics
Photo by Angel H. Marchini / Back 2 Basics

"Opening with a sense of the dramatic, Robb Johannes walked on stage as the introduction to ĎThe Feastí was playing and immediately demonstrated the sort of enigmatic stage craft that is sadly lacking in many bands today... a visual and aural assault of the senses."

Thanks to Danger: Canadian Content for the review of Paint's August 28 tour opener at The Supermarket in Toronto.

Full text is on the Press page.

10.2.2014: Concert Film Taping TOMORROW!

Concert Film Taping

"The new music is the truest expression of what this band is, and how music can bring people together." - Robb Johannes (full interview with Addicted Magazine HERE)

Six years of Paint's career are culminating into one night: tomorrow, we are filming and recording our show at The Cameron House (408 Queen West, Toronto) for a concert DVD and live album.

The show is free to attend but you'll be able to make donations at the door that will help complete post-production and release in the following ways:

$5: Digital album
$10: Digital album + digital concert film
$20: DVD + digital album
$40: DVD + digital album + Where We Are Today and Can You Hear Me? CDs
$60: All of the above + Can You Hear Me? 5th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (digital) + Capsulated DVD + Paint t-shirt
$100: All of the above plus your name in the film's credits
$200: All of the above + a producer credit
$500: All of the above + a private Paint show at your home

Details on the Tour page, and RSVP on Facebook HERE.

9.17.2014: "A dose of social activism with your music": Barrie Examiner Article

Paint - Photo by Angel H Marchini - Back 2 Basics
Photo by Angel H. Marchini / Back 2 Basics

"Survival is a big topic we write about: survival, adversity and how much hope the human will has to come out on top and still be beautiful" - Robb Johannes

Much appreciation to Susan Doolan of the Barrie Examiner for exploring some of the many sides of Paint in advance of Saturday's show at the Clarkson Pub in Barrie.

Full text is on the Press page.

9.16.2014: Kingston Reschedule

Many apologies to our fans in Kingston, Ontario but next Thursday's show at Clark Hall Pub has had to be rescheduled to December 4 at The Mansion.

Details on the Tour page.

9.13.2014: Beyond five years: 570 News (Kitchener) Article

Paint - Photo by Angel H Marchini - Back 2 Basics
Photo by Angel H. Marchini / Back 2 Basics

"The last five years for Paint have really been about trying to be as great as we were when we first started (which I'm proud to say we are now), so celebrating the fact that we're still a band and that our first record is still exciting to listen to is a pretty special thing." - Robb Johannes

Thanks to Care Finch / On That Note for the entry on the 570 News Blog about last night's show in Kitchener -- including working with producer Ian Smith, getting FACTOR funding, and a hint about the eventual release of 11:11.

Full text is on the Press page.

9.12.2014: The imagination of the audience: Waterloo Record Article

Paint - Photo by Joe Mac - Midnight Matinee
Photo by Joe Mac / Midnight Matinee

From the school of U2/Nirvana with lush bits of Psychedelic Furs, Pulp and Suede-like Brit Pop, Paint's music palette is infectious. Rife with striking jangling guitars, melodious riffs, and pounding bass, the band's solid soundscape serves as the consummate backdrop for Johannes' impassioned intelligent vocals.

Thanks to The Waterloo Record for the toughtful and detailed interview with Robb in advance of tonight's show at Cork Hall in Kitchener.

Visit the Press page for full text.

Details on the Tour page.

9.8.2014: New Paint T-Shirts!

Paint T-Shirts -- Brand New!

At last we have new t-shirts! Paint UK Underground T-Shirts (in womens's and unisex cuts) are available now for $25.00 CAD each including shipping and handling!

Order now from the Paint Store. All online orders will begin shipping Monday, September 15.

9.5.2014: Napanee Previews

Paint - Photo by Angel H Marchini - Back 2 Basics
Photo by Angel H. Marchini / Back 2 Basics

"It's not just about going to see music, it's about being part of something bigger than yourself" - Robb Johannes

Thanks to The Greater Napanee News as well as the Napanee Beaver for the previews of Saturday's stop at the Waterfront River Pub:

A creative force within the highly-competitive Canadian music scene... intelligent, well-crafted, melodic alternative rock (with) a healthy dollop of 1980s arena rock for good measure... truly a refreshing change from the formulaic, uninspired melange that currently dominates the airwaves these days, and demonstrates that they are creative artists who are always striving to be true to themselves and unafraid of letting its musical roots show.

Visit the Press page for full text of both articles.

Details on the Tour page.

9.2.2014: Concert Film Taping October 3 in Toronto!

Paint - Concert Film October 3

Often cited as "best live act in Toronto," we are excited to announce that on Friday, October 3, we will be filming and recording our show at Toronto's Cameron House for a live album and concert DVD release.

Admission is free, but donations will get you digital downloads of the album, DVD and audio combo packs, free Paint merch, your name in the credits, and access to exclusive online content.

Be there, be loud, and let's make some history together!

Details on the Tour page and RSVP on Facebook HERE!

8.30.2014: "Boomerang" at Hamilton Film Festival Sept. 28

We are proud to announce that the music video for "Boomerang," directed by R. Stephenson Price, is an official selection at the Hamilton Music and Film Festival.

Film screenings take place Sunday, September 28 at The Factory (228 James St. N., Hamilton). Ticket details to come at

8.21.2014: New Merch Alert

Paint Stickers and Buttons -- Brand New!

Hot off the presses, some brand new Paint UK Underground logo stickers and 1" buttons are available now for just $2.00 CAD each including shipping and handling!

Order now from the Paint Store.

8.12.2014: Can You Hear Me? 5th Anniversary Deluxe Available NOW!

Thanks for your pre-orders, or if you were waiting until now to order, the Can You Hear Me? 5th Anniversary Deluxe Edition is officially downloadable on Paint's Bandcamp site for $5.00 CAD or more by donation.


8.5.2014: "By the Numbers" episode 6: founding members on record shopping

As an extension of their recorded retrospective discussions on next week's Can You Hear Me? 5th Anniversary Deluxe Edition release, episode six of "By The Numbers" briefly features a reunion between founding members Robb Johannes (in Toronto) and drummer Matt Laforest (in Vancouver), discussing record shopping in Portland, Oregon.

Listen to episode 6 and previous "By The Numbers" episodes on Paint's SoundCloud.

7.31.2014: Queen Street Fest Review

Paint @ The Bovine Sex Club, 3.20.2014 (Queen Street Festival)
Photo by Angel H. Marchini / Back to Basics

"You could be forgiven for just watching Robbís vocals and Morriseyesque movement on stage all night, but Paint are the sum of all parts not just one."

Thanks to Danger!!! Canadian Content for this found review of Paint's Queen Street Festival performance. Read the full review HERE.

Plenty of other reviews and features are archived on the Press page.

7.29.2014: Can You Hear Me? 5th Anniversary Deluxe Pre-Order + Tracklisting

Pre-orders and tracklistings for the Can You Hear Me? 5th Anniversary Deluxe Edition are available now on Paint's Bandcamp site.

The 51-track, 5-"disc" digital compilation, which includes the original studio album, unreleased demos, live performances, interviews, and expanded artwork and liner notes, will be available on Tuesday, August 12 -- all for the mere (and fitting) price of $5.00 CAD.

In the meantime, check out the trailer posted above!

7.15.2014: FACTOR Funded for the soundtrack to 11:11

FACTOR Funds 11:11

As you know, we've been busy at work with director R. Stephenson Price (who previously directed Paint's "Boomerang" music video) on a black-and-white narrative film written by Robb Johannes called 11:11, which was graciously made possible thanks to your contributions to our IndieGogo campaign from last fall.

Of course, a major part of 11:11 is the soundtrack, comprised of four brand new Paint songs and soundscapes. The trouble in paradise to fund the recording with producer Ian Smith (who worked with Paint on Where We Are Today) was partially resolved this week.

We are proud to announce that FACTOR, through the government of Canada, has offered assistance in the completion of the 11:11 soundtrack!

This is a giant leap forward for us and this project, and we wouldn't have been able to get here without you. Much love, and looking forward to what's next.

7.7.2014: Can You Hear Me? 5th Anniversary Deluxe Edition - August 12

Can You Hear Me? 5th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Some fans wrote us recently and said, "Can you believe that Can You Hear Me? is going to be five years old this August?" The thought hadn't occurred to us.

Consequently, it's been a time of reflection and retrospective on our debut LP, how far we've come, and the level of greatness we've continued to strive for, and until recently, have felt we haven't had since Can You Hear Me?, which has been our most critically-acclaimed release:

"All killer, no filler... destined for arenas" (Soundproof Magazine)

"Picture perfect" (102.1 The Edge)

"5 stars" (Youthink Magazine)

"Perfect blend of classic rock crunch and contemporary rock smarts" (The Record)

We are proud to let you be the first to know that on August 12, 2014, we will be releasing a deluxe 5-year anniversary edition of Can You Hear Me?

The expanded 5-"disc" digital compilation will include unreleased songs, demos, live performances, interviews (both from prior to Can You Hear Me?'s release and retrospective interviews with original members from Vancouver: Robb Johannes, Matt Laforest, and Paula McGlynn), and expanded artwork and liner notes.

Can You Hear Me? 5th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will be released exclusively through to start. More details, pre-order information, and previews will be launched this month.

We would neither still be a band that's outlived most independent acts, or be able to release this special edition of our album if not for you. Thank you for your ongoing and undying support!

6.30.2014: "By the Numbers" episode 5: on Neil Young

Episode five of "By The Numbers" briefly surveys the far-reaching career of Neil Young in light of Robb's "Prisoners of Rock 'n' Roll" supergroup that will be doing a one-off performance at this Friday's CanCon Tribute Show in Toronto.

Listen to episode 5 and previous "By The Numbers" episodes on Paint's SoundCloud.

6.26.2014: Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tribute July 4

Neil and the Horse
Photo courtesy of CBC Q

Paint's Robb Johannes, as a lifelong die-hard Neil Young fan, has assembled a Toronto indie supergroup called "Prisoners of Rock 'n' Roll," who will, for one night only on Friday, July 4, perform a set of Neil Young & Crazy Horse songs as part of a "Canada Day on Independence Day" tribute night at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto.

Prisoners of Rock 'n' Roll (whose name is derived from a track on the 1987 Neil Young & Crazy Horse album Life) are: Robb Johannes on vocals, Erik Kolomayz of The Rathburns (a band long-praised by Paint) on bass, Mike Scarlett of A Northern Drawl and Colin James Gibson of The Stormalongs on guitars, and Steve Finn from Another City on drums.

This will truly be a be a night to remember.

More details on the Tour page and RSVP on Facebook HERE!

6.16.2014: "By the Numbers" episode 4 and happenings this week

Robb takes some time in episode four of the "By The Numbers" podcast series to discuss North by Northeast's controversial "45-day radius clause," which resulted in the creation of the Soundtrack of the City Music Series (which will feature a performance by Paint ths Friday, June 20 at Cherry Cola's, at 11pm), as well as his involvement in the post-punk band Rulers of the Moon, in which he will make his live debut this Saturday, June 21, 10pm at Rancho Relaxo (fittingly enough, as an NXNE showcase!).

Listen to episode 4 and previous "By The Numbers" episodes on Paint's SoundCloud.

6.11.2014: "Fans First": Feature Interview

Photo by Joe Mac / Midnight Matinee

We had a show recently in Toronto where I was pretty awfully sick and didn't have most of my upper vocal register. The audience crashed the stage and wailed along with me -- and to songs that haven't been recorded/released yet. Experiences like that are humbling and beautiful, and we don't take them for granted for a second.
-Robb Johannes

Thanks to the kind folks at for chatting with Robb about Paint's journey to the present, the road ahead with the 11:11 film, the ongoing reciprocal relationship with fans, and what famous musicians he'd love to discuss songwriting with.

Read the full article HERE.

There are plenty more reviews, features, interviews, and quotes on Paint on the Press page!

6.10.2014: "By the Numbers" podcast episode 3

Episode three of the new podcast series, "By the Numbers," features Paint's Robb Johannes and Jordan Shepherdson reflecting on some of their favourite records by the bands Air Traffic and the Smashing Pumpkins.

6.2.2014: "By the Numbers" podcast episode 2

Episode two of our new podcast series, "By the Numbers," is up now.

Hosted by Robb Johannes, episode two discusses the 11:11 film and its uniquely Canadian character, with reflections on the controversial proposed expansion of Toronto Island Aiport and municipal political will.

5.28.2014: Want to be Paint's permanent bass player?

bassist wanted

Hi friends, many of you may be familiar with us, especially if you follow this page. What you may not know is that Devin Jannetta, Jordan Shepherdson, and Robb Johannes have been operating effectively as a trio without a permanent bass player for almost two years now. It's been working just fine to have friends sub in on the regular (if you've been following our activity or coming to our shows) but it's time we got a permanent partner and contributing member.

If you may be, or may know anybody who may be, interested in joining a band constantly referred to as the best live act in Toronto, and one of Canada's hardest working indie bands, please spread the word, and email us at! Thanks!

5.20.2014: "By the Numbers" podcast series debut

We're excited to announce a new podcast series called "By the Numbers," where we'll be talking about music, politics, and conversations amongst ourselves and with other artists.

Episode one features Robb Johannes discussing punk rock, Ian Curtis, The Sex Pistols, and Malcolm X.

"By the Numbers" will, for now, be exclusive to Paint's Soundcloud.


5.19.2014: Website v 6.0 is live!

Welcome to the newly made-over, in the theme of the 11:11 film.

We hope you like the site!

4.15.2014: Queen Street Festival Review by T-MAK World

paint t-mak
Photo by Steve Mallinson / T-MAK World

"Paint's songs are highly-polished, smooth, and radio-friendly... Frontman Johannes is running for Mayor of Toronto and we wish him well." -- thanks to T-MAK World for the review of last month's Queen Street Festival performance at The Bovine.

More on the Press page, and read the full T-MAK review and view photos HERE.

4.12.2014: Fridays Live Interview and Acoustic Performance

paint ryersonian
Photo by Angela Glover / The Ryersonian

Thanks to the team at Fridays Live by the Ryersonian in Toronto for an insightful interview with Robb Johannes, including an acoustic performance of the Johannes and McGlynn-penned unreleased song "Bonfire of Vanities" to be included in the upcoming 11:11 film.

4.8.2014: One month to another Canadian Music Week

paint cmw

Even though we've become somehwat staples to the festival circuits the past 5 years, it's always a time to reflect on how grateful we are that you all have helped us get this far.

We're proud to announce Paint will be returning to Canadian Music Week once again this year with a showcase on Thursday, May 8, 10:00pm at Rancho Relaxo, presented by Two Way Monologues.

Single-event admission is $10 at the door (or buy advanced tickets HERE), or free with a CMW wristband.

More details on the Tour page, and RSVP on Facebook.

4.7.2014: Robb Johannes sightings in new Balconies video

Thanks and congratulations to our friends The Balconies on their brand new music video for "Boys and Girls" -- in which you can catch a number of Robb Johannes sightings (and check out some screen captures on @paintband's Instagram).

robb in the balconies video

4.6.2014: "Did That Rathburn A Little?" (blog post)

erik rathburns bass

And I almost never say this about another band, so take this to heart: The Rathburns are a band that makes me just want to pack up my shit and go home.
-Robb Johannes

In praise of Toronto band The Rathburns, read a blog by Robb at Paint's Weblog.

4.5.2014: "Kurt Cobain Was My Elvis" (blog post)

kurt cobain

On this, the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, Robb reflects on Nirvana's lasting influence. Read at Paint's Weblog.

3.26.2014: I On Music Interview

Many thanks to host Care Finch our friends at I On Music in Kitchener for this in-depth video interview and feature on Paint's past, present, and future, music, and business -- including live concert footage, music video clips, and behind-the-scenes documenary snippets from Paint's extended catalogue.

The 25-minute television episode was filmed outside Little Bean in downtown Kitchener before Paint's Capsulated DVD release show in November.

3.11.2014: 11:11 Party Scene Shoot March 15

11:11 party

We're busy at work on the 11:11 film that was made possible thanks to your kind contributions to our IndieGogo campaign! We've been posting behind-the-scenes photos to the @paintband accounts on on Instagram and Twitter as we've been working with director R. Stephenson Price (who previously directed Paint's "Boomerang" music video).

We have a very special offer for anyone in the Toronto area.

On Saturday, March 15, we'll be filming the party scene for 11:11, and thought we may as well just host an actual party and do a bit of filming on the side. It's set in the summer (but is filmed entirely indoors in an apartment) so why not wish this prolonged winter away by pretending?

RSVP on Facebook for all the info.

3.2.2014: Music City North Festival March 20

lees palace

Music City North, aimed at building community and raising awareness of the music scene in Toronto, will present the Queen Street Festival March 20-23.

We are excited to announce that Paint will be part of this year's festival, appearing March 20 at The Bovine Sex Club, presented by Two Way Monologues.

Visit the Tour page for more details, and RSVP on Facebook HERE.

2.20.2014: Robb Johannes on The Smiths

the smiths

Today The Smiths' debut record turns 30. Same Page wrote a feature on the article and asked some Toronto artists to reflect on what The Smiths have come to mean to them over the years, including our very own Robb Johannes.

"Morrissey once said that most popular music at the time (and still now I would say) would insult the intelligence of its audience by catering to populism and watered down messages. The Smiths, on the other hand, gave their audience credit for being intelligent and discerning people. As a result, not only could The Smiths incorporate a greater intellect into their music, but their small and highly devoted fanbase felt like they were a part of a mutual exchange of ideas. The line between the audience and the performer disappeared, and given my own roots in punk, I highly admire that. Itís surely made its way into Paint's ethos as a "pop" band."
- Robb Johannes

Read the full article HERE.

Similar commentaries in this mini-documentary on Paint called "Where The Fans Are Alright" from November:

Happy 30th to The Smiths and happy (what would have been) 47th Kurt Cobain. Your lives were so short but you left us with so much.

2.19.2014: Congratulations Andre Dey!

andre dey

Much love to our old faihtful drummer Andre Dey, who became a father this week. Congrats, 'Dre!

Throwing back to Where We Were in April, catching some Andre's moments with Paint in the studio recording Where We Are Today:

1.27.2014: Congratulations Joe Mac!

joe mac

Last week, our dear friend Joe Mac was honoured by Ontario Roller Derby for being an all-star photographer. In addition to derby, the majority of Paint's live photos since 2011 have been taken by the one and only Joe Mac.

"I almost consider Joe Mac to be the 5th member of Paint. He's been with us through everything, and his action photography in roller derby is why he can capture this rock band so frighteningly on stage. Congrats friend, this is well-deserved." - Robb Johannes

1.24.2014: The PSA is out!

robb not ford

Never a band to shy away from its principles, Paint frontman Robb Johannes announced from the stage at Lee's Palace last night that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's politics and public image have alienated and saddened Torontonians so much that it is not simply enough to vote against him. Rather, every Torontonian should go the extra step and run against Ford to send a clear message that Toronto deserves better on election day, October 27.

Read Robb's platform at, and visit The City of Toronto Elections Website to find out how you can also get involved.

1.9.2014: Returning to stage in Toronto in Style at Lee's Palace Jan. 23

lees palace

Holidays are over, and Paint returns to stage in Toronto on January 23 at the one and only Lee's Palace.

A special note to this show, it is our singer Robb Johannes' birthday and he plans to make a "very special Public Service Announcement" on this night.

Visit the Tour page for more details, and RSVP on Facebook HERE.

12.29.2013: Velvet Rope Magazine Anniversary Show Jan. 11

We are proud to announce that Paint will be performing at Velvet Rope Magazine's 2-Year anniversary party on Saturday, January 11 at Little Bean in Kitchener.

Visit the Tour page for more details, and RSVP on Facebook HERE.

11.26.2013: "Boomerang" Music Video and Capsulated DVD Out Today!

At last, the day has arrived! "Boomerang," written and directed by R. Stephenson Price is OUT NOW on Paint's YouTube Channel.

"Boomerang" is included in the Capsulated: Music Videos DVD, graciously made available because of your contributions to our IndieGogo campaign. Capsulated is officially available today at the Paint Store.

There are three remaining release events this week in Kingston, Ottawa, and Montreal. Visit the Tour page for more details.

11.20.2013: "Where The Fans Are Alright" (mini documentary)

Only two days left in Paint's IndieGogo campaign! Beginning with a tribute to The Doors in Europe 1968, "Where The Fans Are Alright" looks at Paint's relationship with its audience through fan testimonials at shows.

11.18.2013: Official Documentary: The Making of "Boomerang"

Joining Where We Were In April in the Paint documentary catalogue, The Making Of "Boomerang" features interviews with the band, cast, and crew, and captures events from the shooting of Paint's tenth and final installment of the ambitious Video Album Project that will be featured on the Capsulated: Music Videos DVD (to be released November 26).

Paint: The Making of "Boomerang" was photographed by Clarence King and edited by R. Stephenson Price.

Check the Tour page for all the dates on Capsulated release events in the next two weeks, beginning this Thursday in Kitchener.

Help us recoup costs from the "Boomerang" video shoot through our IndieGogo campaign!